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What does Meito Junction mean?

Meito Junction is a group of musicians who play a variety of country, gospel, and bluegrass music.

Meito Junction is also a place like a railroad junction.  It’s a place where people converge and commune with each other.  The  members of the band are part of it, of course, but those who come and hear what we do are also a vital part of the scene.  All come from different places around the world, but have been brought together at this particular place and time.  And that is one of the reasons we sing songs of Praise.

There’s a long story behind the ‘why’ of these recordings, and I’ll add more about that later, but for now it mainly stemmed from several of us playing together now for several years and wanting to create a record of this time, this place in our lives. As we worked to bring this to fruition, we realized there was some pretty good recordings possible here and after mentioning to several folks what we were up to we found there was interest from others to have their own copies of the music.

Though it would be great if we could just give those out (and we still will do that some, as much as possible actually), we also felt that this was a way we could help support the Mission of Meito Christ International Church by donating the proceeds to the church.

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  • 1 Pastor Ivan Baleeta // Oct 12, 2010 at 8:22 am

    Hello fellow ministers, am grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ for the great work He is using you in, you can not just imagine how much you are a blessing to many like me at all those here in ministry with me. We do not have such musical instruments here though we need them, but its such a great feeling for me to see the young also play these machines. God bless you abundantly, i love you brother Allen Williams and the team. May all stay blessed as we bless others, Thank you once again my brother Allen for directing me to this website, Shalom.

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